SecurityGate featured in 2023 Buyer’s Guide for Industrial Cybersecurity Technology and Solutions

SecurityGate, the provider of the leading SaaS Platform for OT cyber improvement, recently announced it has been featured in the 2023 Buyer’s Guide for Industrial Cybersecurity Technology and Solutions from Takepoint Research and Industrial Cyber. SecurityGate is listed as a vendor that helps industrial organizations in the areas of Risk Management, Governance and Compliance, and Product and Supply Chain Security. 

The annual Guide aims to help industrial stakeholders make more informed decisions about their cyber security needs and strengthen the security of their industrial environment. The Guide also provides a comprehensive overview of the cyber solutions available. 

Jonathon Gordon, Directing Analyst at Takepoint Research, notes, “Over the past few years, we have made considerable progress in the industrial cybersecurity landscape, however, there are numerous internal and external issues that must be addressed. He says, “There is a growing awareness of attacks on critical infrastructure due to the increased transparency of impacted organizations. However, many stakeholders remain unaware of the magnitude of the current situation and are unprepared to effectively manage potential threats.” 

As companies are building out their cybersecurity strategy, the Guide highlights how, “All companies should identify their operational goals and risk tolerance… this requires considering the various people, technologies, and processes involved, both inside and outside the organization, which may also differ between and within industries.” 

SecurityGate empowers industrial cyber teams to achieve their cyber goals quickly and efficiently. Our SaaS Platform, developed by critical infrastructure experts, delivers a user-friendly dashboard and practical data workflows to facilitate seamless collaboration between security leaders and cyber teams. Unlike traditional GRC tools, our innovative OT-centric features and workflows allow our clients to easily and quickly create assessments with minimal Platform configuration.

In addition, our enterprise dashboard quickly highlights what controls, gaps, and remediation are needed to improve your risk posture. Real-time updates and historical data mapping mean your teams can actively monitor progress and show the progress of your maturity journey. With support for over 20+ frameworks and workflows, including ISA/IEC 62443, NIST-CSF, NIST 800-53, and C2M2, and a configurable module that allows for the mixing and matching of standards, our clients can show tangible results in weeks vs. months. 

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About Takepoint Research 

Takepoint Research is led by Directing Analysts and augmented by a diverse team of experts from around the globe. The core of their insights is created by a community of expert professionals who have years of experience in their related fields. Their collective knowledge and experience help leaders overcome challenges and deliver tangible results for their businesses. Their active community will provide an inside track to inform about potential opportunities, threats, and trends and the appropriate action to take. 


About SecurityGate 

SecurityGate is an innovative software company that has built the leading SaaS platform to enable cyber teams to secure the world’s critical infrastructure. With SecurityGate’s critical infrastructure expertise, simplified dashboards, and actionable data workflows, asset owners and consultant partners are empowered to collaborate and mature cyber-programs faster and easier than traditional manual methods.   

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Taylor Petry

Taylor is the PR & Events Coordinator at SecurityGate. She was named Cybersecurity PR Professional of the Year by Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

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