The Only Risk Assessment Platform Purpose-Built for Critical Infrastructure is a risk assessment, improvement, and documentation platform for cybersecurity teams used by the leading critical infrastructure organizations.

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Improve Your Cybersecurity Posture Faster with Diagnostic Risk Assessments is a (SaaS) platform that provides visibility and comparative insights to help organizations prioritize activities and mature their cyber-programs across their ecosystem of facilities, sites and business units. With automation from, teams are enabled to quickly collaborate, standardize data, create reports, track remediations and document validations. 

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For Use in All 16 Critical Infrastructure Sectors

We’ve done the hard work for you. Start assessing your facilities against 18+ commonly used frameworks for industrial risk management.

Complete an assessment in as little as 2 hours and understand exactly where your organization’s risks are with the ability to break down assessment results by each domain/control.

“The modern CISO wants to look at the ‘single pane of glass’ to see their cyber security posture and cyber risk.” 

-Dale Peterson, S4 Founder

No more digging through spreadsheets and email chains.

By partnering with other leaders in OT/ICS security, the platform provides teams with deeper insights into their environment and enables leaders to confidently make an informed decision with everything at their fingertips.

check on the status of your remediations
view the posture of each facility

Find all the gaps easier

Replace the slow, disruptive assessment processes and finally #DeleteTheSpreadsheet with fast SaaS workflows & reporting automation.

Make the right decisions faster

With consistent reporting, you can align your team on next steps and provide leaders with data they can trust to make decisions faster.

See your next steps prioritized

 Our technology makes decisions simpler by accounting for business context when calculating the risks to operations.

See how Chevron did it.


Learn how one of the largest oil and gas operators in the world scaled cyber risk management globally.