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Siloed zones and functions in critical infrastructure is OK. Misalignment between siloed teams is NOT.

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Assessing Critical Risks is Already Tough

OT, IT, and operations teams are often times at different stages of system lifecycle and maturity, so risk assessments can sometimes be planned and executed without collaboration with other departments.  

The downside to this methodology is that data models and resulting improvement roadmaps are virtually never aligned cross-departmentally.  


In today’s digitized enterprise, corporate stakeholders want a balanced, collaborative approach as they aim to reduce risk holistically.  


That’s why savvy security and risk management leaders invest annually to ensure alignment between security, infrastructure, and operation teams before they execute assessments. 

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Increase Alignment Between Stakeholders

Bringing together key stakeholders from OT & IT to collaborate and agree on a clear vision of cybersecurity improvement is no easy task. 

To get there, you need a partner with experience in mapping controls to core functions, systems, and team capabilities – a delicate balance for overworked security teams. Secondly, you need a digital system of record to retain and visualize key tasks across these siloed teams to connect requested security investments to business outcomes like digitization, reduction of non-productive time, and improved safety.   

Designed for helping diverse teams find efficiencies and common ground, our alignment workshops are led by industry experts with hands-on experience as budget holders and practitioners alike.  

We’ve been offering out-of-the-box and bespoke assessment configurations to critical infrastructure teams for the better part of a decade, so we understand the recurring and unique challenges facing security teams.

Plan with the end state in mind

Your cyber maturity or compliance program is unique, just like your company’s ICS environments. Sometimes too much data can leave security and risk managers paralyzed, unsure of the next steps. We get it. Too much data can be a bad thing if not organized properly.  

When your leadership is poised to invest more, but you’re unsure of your next priorities, it is a signal you may need some support in developing a 12-, 24-, or 36-month improvement roadmap. Designed as a workshop, this exercise usually encompasses a holistic review of previous assessment data (usually from multiple sources), interviews with key leaders, and develops priority-based recommendations to match the enterprises shared vision for budgets.  

Our team lives inside of cyber control data models so we understand the hidden costs of evaluating, implementing, and maintaining new cyber investments.

Accelerate and Improve Assessment Processes

Our team of product engineers have mapped virtually every public-facing cyber standard and framework in existence to controls, questions, threats, and risks. We’ve also worked with industry majors across Energy, Manufacturing, Maritime, and Chemical to incorporate unique, proprietary workflows and data models into our scalable SaaS vessel.

Here are three ways the SecurityGate team helps programs at this vital milestone:  


Assessment Mapping. We review and translate your existing questionnaire into a scalable assessment module mapped to the exact variables and workflow you’re currently using. 


New Module Development. We review previous assessments data alongside you and build a new module that maps to your needs, including the appropriate controls for your OT, IT, supply chain, or infrastructure teams. 


Enhanced Mapping Workshop. Designed to ultimately simplify a process that has become so cumbersome it limits scale and repeatability, our senior enginners work with your team to understand your core intent and update the module effectively to achieve long term goals.


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