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Our team of assessment experts extends beyond our Houston and Milan-based teams to an approved network of ICS partners across the globe positioned to support your risk, control, and gap assessments today.

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Are you juggling a mandate to report the cybersecurity program status to your leadership, but don’t have the resources to execute? You’re not alone.

Asset owners globally are under immense scrutiny from boards of directors, regulatory agencies, and sector clients while budgets continue to remain limited.

Enabling a trusted third party to support your assessment program unlocks more resources to focus your limited resources on top priorities.  

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Accelerate your team’s experience and growth. This service is designed for teams looking to receive instruction throughout the exercise, but still desire to lead the assessment themselves. A qualified, third-party expert will be present throughout the process (usually remotely) and usually helps the asset owner validate whether key controls are in fact present or not

There are three main use cases for an assessment being led by an external party.

First, such a requirement may be mandated by your company’s governance or regulatory body.

Second, your team lacks experience and is looking to accelerate the process with a trained expert.

Third, your team is simply swamped with other security activities and seeks an alternate team player that can complete the assessment according to historical or well-documented guidance.

Regardless, our remote or onsite team is adept at essentially joining your team as a short-term member, recognize the intent of your program, and deliver key data models that will drive your improvement program and validate key controls.  

If your cybersecurity program is in a later stage of maturity, you’re likely ready for an audit of the mechanisms in place driving continual improvement.

To do this, experts gather evidence, conduct interviews with key stakeholders, and evaluate the implementation of documented policies and procedures to determine how effective the given cyber or risk program is able to adjust based on changing inputs.  


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