Conduct a Business Impact Analysis for Critical Infrastructure

Keep your organization up and running. Evaluate the financial & non-financial impacts of risk by conducting a Business Impact Analysis with the SecurityGate platform.

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Your Starting Point for Business Continuity

Use the results of your Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to weigh the impacts of different potential scenarios and develop a business continuity plan. The SecurityGate scenario-based BIA feature identifies the non-financial and financial impacts resulting from the disruption of business functions and processes. 

Choose a Scenario

Use the feature in the SecurityGate platform to evaluate your risk based on 4 different scenarios - Ransomware Attack, Supply Chain Attack, Insider Threat, and Unscheduled Technical Disruption

Gather Information

Each scenario uses a specific set of questions designed by cybersecurity experts to help explore hidden vulnerabilities. Quickly assign questions and collect responses from within the SecurityGate platform.

Evaluate and Prioritize

The result of the BIA will provide insight into the potential financial and non-financial impacts of the given scenario. Impacts are mapped on a risk matrix that accounts for the severity level and the likelihood of loss.

Share the Results

Use the heatmap to quickly view your highest areas of risk. You'll also be able to export a report of responses and understand how they impacted the overall score.

Conducting A Business Impact Analysis

Use the feature in the platform to evaluate your risk based on 4 different scenarios:

  • Ransomware Attack
  • Supply Chain Attack
  • Insider Threat
  • Unscheduled Technical Disruption


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