Connecting cyber controls to business decisions

Ted Gutierrez, CEO & Co-Founder

An ongoing, live conversation weekly about connecting cyber controls to business decisions

Initially presented as a standalone presentation in Q1 2022 to asset owners, the Business of Cyber series is slowly transforming the OT cyber discussion into a business discussion.

NIST CSF Explained

Curious about the various facets of NIST CSF including applicability, context, education, and implementation? Join us for a deep dive into all NIST CSF's domains along with case studies of how to implement in your own environment or company.

How to Become a Cyber Consultant in 100 Days

Join Ted to learn how to start adding value as a cyber consultant in under 100 days.

ManuSec Recap

In this pre-recorded episode, Ted sits down with Sachin Shah, the Chair of the 2023 ManuSec 2023 conference. They discuss manufacturing CISO challenges, their views on the change in U.S. manufacturing cyber maturity in the last three years, and the demand/usage of ISA/IEC 62443 in the manufacturing sector.

Chemical Manufacturing Cyber Challenges

Join Ted and special guest, Randy Corner, to learn more about the unique differences leaders and operators are seeing in chemical manufacturing. We'll cover various topics in this discussion with benefits for novices entering the market and veterans of the ICS space alike.

ISA/IEC 62443 4-1 Certification Process

Join us for a discussion about product security life cycles from the perspective of a control system and component supplier, manufacturer, and certifying body. Alongside our guest, Rahul Gupta, we'll discuss life-cycle requirements and challenges for consultants, suppliers, and asset owners.

Why You Should Use a Consultant to Accelerate 62443 3-2

Join Ted and one of the original authors to comment and explore the value of bringing in an external team to drive success with 62443

Audit & Assessment: A Discussion of Differences

Confused on the difference between audits and assessments? Already a heated topic across IT, Governance, and Cyber divisions globally, Operational Technology environments actually can complicate the question even more. Join Ted for a live discussion with John Kingsley, Senior Cybersecurity Practitioner and ICS thought leader, to hear varied perspectives on the topic.

OT Sites are Different: Understand Why

Designed for beginners to experts alike, join Ted and Dennis Parker to learn more about how to understand OT security in your company better. Doing so positions you to prepare budgets, training, and process development in a scalable, efficient manner.

Understanding ISA/IEC 62443 Certificates

Learn from a security practitioner and recent recipient of the ISA/IEC 62443 certificates about what it takes to be successful in the training. Join Ted and Simon Heath for the next installment of the Business of Cyber series.

Deep Dive into ISA/IEC 62443 3-2

Join Ted and Kenny Mesker, Enterprise OT Cybersecurity Architect at Chevron, to dive into the workflow itself and understand why it has grown quickly as the standard of choice for asset owners across diverse sectors.

NIST Election Security Profile

With election season coming up for state and national positions, join Ted and Kyle Scott as they take a look at the NIST Election Infrastructure Profile and dive into the various Mission Objectives.

Intro to ISA/IEC 62443

Whether you are in progress, just getting started, or don’t know where to start, join Ted and Andre Ristaino, Managing Director at the International Society of Automation (ISA) August 1st, 2023 for an in-depth discussion about how to launch your program effectively.

Cyber Controls

This discussion provides an overview of the fundamentals of security controls, by framework. Attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding of how to identify, evaluate, and organize their controls-based assessment.

Audits vs. Assessments

Audits and assessments each offer a different value set as part of a cyber security program throughout the maturity lifecycle. Join Ted for an overview of each and how to make the most of your limited resources.

Manufacturing Case Study

Join Ted to learn more about scalable ways to calculate the cost of reaching manufacturing sector goals. We'll be diving into available resources like NIST CSF and NISTIR 8183 alongside other tools you can use in your own company.

Maximize Today's Resources: Get the most of your team, time, and budget

Join Ted in this event to learn tips he's learned along his journey from operational facilities to the board room on getting the budgets you need to do more with less!

A Chat on Ways to Engage Your BoD Better

Join the discussion and learn how better teamwork at the BoD level drives alignment, resources, and collective wins across your critical infrastructure teams.

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