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About the Channel Program

Channel Program Provides

Access to the SecurityGate Platform: Partners will gain access to SecurityGate’s innovative SaaS platform for OT cyber improvement, including a library of 25+ out-of-the-box frameworks, reporting automation, visual dashboards, and more.

Collaborative Training and Support: SecurityGate will provide extensive training and support to enable partners to deploy, manage, and support its cybersecurity solutions effectively. This ensures that partners have the knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Co-Marketing Opportunities: Partners will collaborate on marketing initiatives, including joint webinars, branded collateral, and campaigns, to increase brand visibility.

Revenue Growth: The program offers financial incentives such as discounted pricing options and compensation for referrals and resellers to drive revenue growth and maximize profitability for partners.

Expand Your Market & Grow Revenue Faster

SecurityGate is a risk management platform for industrial cybersecurity.

Discover cyber risks for your critical infrastructure clients sooner and make improvements faster than manual processes generally allow.

It’s time to replace the slow Governance, Risk management, and Compliance processes with digital actions that enable risk teams to be nimble and agile.

Consultants & 
Service Providers

The SecurityGate partner program is designed to turbocharge the capabilities of consultants and service providers. By tapping into our state-of-the-art Cyber Assessment Automation Platform, you’re not just equipped—you’re empowered to accelerate your sales growth, amplify your client value, and deepen those crucial client engagements. Use our platform to scale your consultancy and enhance the operational resilience of your industrial clients. With SecurityGate, you ensure they’re not just facing today’s complex risk environments but navigating through them with greater ease and efficiency.

Technology Integrators

Our Channel Program is all about amplifying your product’s capabilities and extending your market reach. Partner up with us to harness the power of our API  integration, crafting a seamless connection that enhances your product’s functionality. After we dial in the tech, we’ll pivot to strategy—teaming up with our marketing gurus to roll out a dynamic launch plan that captures attention and drives results. Let’s work together to make our products not just better, but lovable products.


Partnering with SecurityGate offers significant advantages for OEMs, including access to specialized Industry Leading Cyber Audit & Remediation Platform, enhanced product features, faster product development, cost efficiencies, flexibility, innovation, compliance with industry standards, and improved customer satisfaction.

These benefits help OEMs enhance their products, achieve a competitive edge, and meet their strategic business goals more effectively.


If your organization requires an innovative platform to standardize critical asset assessments, automate reporting, and track maturity over time, the SecurityGate channel program offers a seamless solution for strategic resellers. Our program enables direct communication with our team, ensuring you can swiftly and effectively meet your customers’ needs.


What is SecurityGate's cybersecurity software platform, and how does it work?

SecurityGate is a SaaS platform purpose-built for OT/ICS teams that want a better way to conduct and analyze framework-based cybersecurity assessments. 

SecurityGate has over 20 out-of-the-box frameworks, a configurable module builder to configure custom or new frameworks, and a remediation feature for tracking cyber improvement projects. 

Yes, SecurityGate has robust and out-of-the-box ISA/IEC 62443 capabilities.

The SecurityGate team is comprised of OT and IT Cybersecurity experts from across the industry who are constantly keeping uptodate with the latest updates to the most relevant frameworks. 

SecurityGate supports a range of Channel Partners, including Service Providers, Consultants, Resellers, and Technology integration partners. 

SecurityGate has multiple ways of integrating software into existing offerings, including API integrations and multiple commercial models.

We offer onboarding support included in our Channel offerings and additional support through our Professional Services team. 

Reach out to schedule a call with our team to see if we have a commercial model that fits your business.

What training or onboarding resources are available for channel partners? 

We offer onboarding support included in our Channel offerings and additional support through our Professional Services team. 

Reach out to schedule a call with our team to see if we have a commercial model that fits your business.

Once onboarded, Channel Partners will have access to a Sales Director, a Customer Success Manager, and a Senior Engineer.

You’ll differentiate yourself from the competition with compelling insights and reports to motivate your clients to drive cybersecurity improvement projects and purchasing decisions.

SecurityGate offers a complete SaaS offering, including deploying in a private AWS instance or Azure cloud deployment. 

SecurityGate focuses on critical infrastructure.  Industries include Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Food and Beverage, Government, Transportation, and more. 

Yes, please see our Case Studies on our website or click here. 

Accepted Channel Partners can make product requests through their dedicated enablement team anytime they wish. 

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