We help risk management teams do what we always wanted for ourselves...

Find cyber security risks sooner and make improvements faster.

For years we ran OT cyber risk management programs at some of the largest industrial companies in the world.

Cherise Esparza

CPO & CTO, co-founder

Former RISK owner, Noble Drilling & Enbridge energy

“Back at Noble, and at Enbridge, turning data into strategy and tactics was expensive and took way too long. 

We could have moved so much faster and saved so much money if SecurityGate.io’s data intelligence and reporting systems had existed.” READ MORE

Ted Gutierrez

Ceo, co-founder

Former RISK Auditor, Shell

”When I was an auditor at Shell I spent so much time manually collecting data and writing reports. SecurityGate.io would have cut out so much of the slow, manual processes.

Conducting framework-based assessments remotely is now one of my favorite capabilities from the SecurityGate.io platform.” READ MORE

Like you, we were frustrated with

  • The resource-intensive assessment process

  • A lack of consistent reporting

  • And no clear way to make the data meaningful to the business

So we built a better way for teams to manage risk

check on the status of your remediations
view the posture of each facility

Find all the gaps easier

Replace the slow, disruptive, assessment processes and finally #DeleteTheSpreadsheet with fast SaaS workflows & reporting automation.

Make the right decisions faster

With consistent reporting, you can align your team on next steps and provide leaders with data they can trust to make decisions faster.

See your next steps prioritized

 Our technology makes decisions simpler by showing how your business context affects risks to operations.
"Our program would have completely shut down had we not had the automation from SecurityGate.io"

SecurityGate.io Global Points of Presence

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Meet A Few Of The Experts Behind SecurityGate.io

Bill Lawrence

Bill Lawrence

Chief Information Security Officer

“When I was at NERC, SecurityGate.io would have been incredibly helpful for the organizations preparing for their NERC CIP audits. It can save so much time in getting through security assessments.” READ MORE

Brent Gage

Cybersecurity Subject Matter Expert

“I wish SecurityGate.io would have existed back when I worked at Noble Drilling Systems. I could have performed assessments 100% remotely and never had to spend time and budget on travel.” READ MORE

Ashley Garcia

Ashley Garcia

Head of customer success

“When I worked at Alert Logic, our clients could have saved a lot in time and travel costs if they could have performed assessments with a geographically diverse team.READ MORE

Gabe Frontera

software developer

“If SecurityGate.io had existed back when I was at a Big Four Consulting Firm, we could have moved through audits so much faster.” READ MORE

Join our team in the mission to help secure the world’s critical infrastructure.

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