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Replace the slow, disruptive, assessment processes and finally #DeleteTheSpreadsheet with fast SaaS workflows & reporting automation.

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With consistent reporting, you can align your team on next steps and provide leaders with data they can trust to make decisions faster.

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 Our technology makes decisions simpler by showing how your business context affects risks to operations.
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Bring every activity for industrial cybersecurity into one single pane of glass.

Built by former risk managers, the platform helps teams and consultants find cybersecurity risks sooner and make improvements faster.

Finally get rid of the countless spreadsheets, email chains, portals, and apps. 

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Bill is’s Chief Information Security Officer. Prior to joining the company he was Vice President and Chief Security Officer for North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). Bill had a distinguished career in the Navy where he flew Tomcats and Super Hornets. He has a computer science degree from the U.S. Naval Academy where he later became the Deputy Director of Character Development and Training and taught courses in cybersecurity. Bill has a master’s degree in International Relations from Auburn Montgomery, and a master’s degree in Military Operational Art and Science from the Air Command and Staff College.