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Imagine next year’s budget, solution implementation plan, and security roadmap can all point to your assessment program insights

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The 80page report on control gaps and risks sits on the corner of your desk. “I need to get to that report,” is what every security and risk management leader says.

Months later, no meaningful decisions have been made. The reason? The underlying fear of unknown budgetary needs and the overwhelming task of allocating resources usually delays the process. The time is now to take action.  

Discover How SecurityGate Can Help You Prepare For Your Next Assessment

The end of an assessment cycle should not be a singular report, but rather multiple plans of action delivered to key stakeholders to outline various resource allocations with varied risk reduction strategies. Assessment data should drive meaningful collaboration to achieve resiliency in business operations effectively. Our team of experts have owned OT and IT budgets, so they know how to guide asset owners in determining.  

Any seasoned ICS/OT or IT security stakeholder knows that the resource allocation across product, implementation, training, and maintenance can quickly surpass your allocated budget for a given cyber control closure. Get ahead of this budgetary misalignment through an effective workshop to evaluate your roadmap against our proprietary method and system called “Total Control Closure Cost.”  

Connecting business outcomes to cybersecurity investment is priority #1 for today’s top security and risk management leader.

Understanding what makes your critical sector facilities drive revenue is the first step in enabling your team to link to profit centers rather than remain cost centers.

Our team is skilled in helping you match your security investments to key initiatives like digitization, automation, safety, and non-productive time to gain sustainable buy-in from influential stakeholders.  


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