Get rid of the countless spreadsheets, email chains, portals and apps. Bring every activity for industrial cybersecurity into one pane of glass.

Framework Assessment Workflows

No spreadsheets needed. Everything happens inside our secure portal. 

Allow internal team members and 3rd party vendors to collaborate through a secure, limited-view portal and track their progress.

Assessment data is automatically turned into reports for viewing and download on demand.

Keep respondents on track and on time with automatic notification reminders.

Store supporting documents in one location. Quickly access them for validation activities and audits.

Quickly start with 20 industry frameworks already available in the platform

Module Builder

Create your own custom frameworks to go above and beyond compliance. Start from scratch or create your own by mixing and matching questions from existing industry frameworks.

Define your response types and re-order the questions until your ready to send out the assessment.

Choose from our library of 20 industry frameworks, upload your own file, or start from scratch.

Industry Frameworks to Use and Customize
Pre-written Assessment Questions
Pre-Written Response Types

Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is designed to complement risk assessment efforts as a step in the process of showing business leaders how the outcome of an assessment relates to operations.

Choose from 4 different scenarios:

  • Ransomware Attack
  • Supply Chain Attack
  • Insider Threat
  • Unscheduled Technical Disruption

View your highest areas of criticality with a heatmap report.

Measure the potential financial impacts to your organization within  a given scenario.

Share results with stakeholders by accessing fully automated reports after completing a BIA.

Remediation Workflows

After an assessment the platform ties the missing controls* to a collaboration workflow that guides involved parties through remediation and improvement processes while giving top-level visibility to leadership teams.

Dashboards and a variety of automated reports provide on-demand, real-time tracking data and an analysis of security posture improvements and compliance progress.

*Note – not all industry frameworks were designed to map to missing controls. Remediation workflows and the risk registry are still available for use with these frameworks, but automatic mapping of No/Negative assessment responses to security controls may not be available.

Assign remediation tasks to a single person or to many people. 

Add comments, ask questions, and upload validating documents. 

Gain clear insight into which missing controls are not actively being worked on along with documentation of who accepted the associated risks.

Asset Inventory Viewer

Display a comprehensive inventory of assets on a network. An asset inventory is a common control that is assessed for. With this integration, validations can be performed and logged without needing to leave the assessment in progress within


Currently, we have pre-built integrations with and Tenable to automatically import this data into the platform.

Entities Dashboard

An entity is anything you’re assessing (i.e. an entire organization, a client, a facility, a network, or even an individual system component.)

View the risks posture of your “entities” in real time spot trends in growing risk.

The Entities Dashboard provides a fully contextualized view of what risk looks like today across the organization and helps with forecasting what it will look like tomorrow.

View data from asssessments, remediations, compliance, maturity, and security posture in a single pane of glass.

Easily view the severity of risk or the degree to which the entity is compliant or not.


Track risk and risk management activities in one place.

Easily share data with pre-formatted reports including executive summaries, audits, and comparisons. Export reports in pdf or .doc format for quick edits. 

Pre-Build Dashboards
Report Types
Report Views

Portfolio Analysis

Between security systems and risk management activities, most companies have more cybersecurity data than they know what to do with. The Portfolio Analysis tool makes it easy to understand what’s important in your data.

Identify trends, spot outliers, and benchmark progress across clients and facilities.

View, sort, and review it all from within the platform, or export a cleanly formatted copy of your data in a .CSV for external analysis.

Open API

Our OpenAPI is designed to make data integrations between the platform and your enterprise systems easy. The OpenAPI currently allows you to query your data over HTTP and ingest it in JSON format via RESTful API endpoints. All endpoints include variables giving options for querying your data in different ways. When they are combined into a series of requests, or when used as a single request, they can provide you with a high level and detailed view of your remediations and assessments data as it relates to an entity in your organization.
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 UseSecurityGateio( );
 PerformCyberAssessment( );
 SeeSecurityRisks( );
 FollowSecurityGateioSteps( );
 GainStrongerCyberSecurity( );
 AvoidOTSystemsBreach( );

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