Industry-First Automated and Collaborative ISA/IEC 62443-3-2 Workflow

With SecurityGate's innovative and OT-focused Platform, assessing to 62443-3-2 across multiple zones and conduits has never been more scalable. With our cutting-edge digital process and configurable risk matrix and automated threat mapping, you can expect streamlined results, providing insights to component-level risk posture.

Developed and Designed by OT Industry Experts

SecurityGate’s ISA/IEC 62443-3-2 module drives scale and flexibility to the industry’s top detailed risk assessment workflow. Proprietary methods enable novice and mature practitioners to document and scale the evolving risk posture and mitigating countermeasures.

This benefits from auto populations of threats, DIY configuration of client defined risk matrices, a scalable repository for initial risk assessments outputs, and a seamless process to align single or multiple zones and conduits within a single assessment process.   

The first ever digital repository of risk assessment for OT with automated report and insights allows organizations to manage and address risk at the component level of OT network layers. 

Discover the Seamless Process of SecurityGate's ISA/IEC 62443 3-2 Workflow

Create Client-Defined Risk Matrix

Define the likelihood and severity scales of the risk matrix, as well as severity categories, along with flexible selection for predefined formatting. 

Map Threats to Controls and Countermeasures

Choose from a library of threats and easily map to your controls and countermeasures.

Schedule & Complete Assessment

Automatically identify initial risk and residual risk with consideration to countermeasures. Compare the risk scores to the target security level. 

Enable Collaboration

Enable multilayer collaboration within the workflow for management of acceptable risk, countermeasures, and review sign-off. Seamless bilateral movement between workflow steps and our copy and edit templates save effort by minimizing human error.

Automate Reports & Dashboard

Generate results that provide valuable insights for your team to make decisions.


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