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A partnership that bridges the gap between software and your business outcomes

You have outcomes to deliver

Simplify your cybersecurity journey by partnering with OT/ICS-experienced practitioners aimed at helping your team focus their time, energy, and budget on cyber controls that drive the bottom line.

Pre-Assessment Outcomes

Assessing critical risks is already tough. Don’t fail before you start due to misalignment on planned outcomes. The foundation of any successful assessment starts with collaboration across your cyber, operational, and infrastructure teams. Know what to assess, what standard to use, and what impact it will have on operations to increase the chances for long-term success.

Guidance Activities

Accelerate outcomes with expert advice. Today’s market demand for industry expertise in OT and IT environments has asset owners at a disadvantage. Trusting a third party to support your assessment activities unlocks multiple advantages in your cyber improvement journey.

Post-Assessment Outcomes

Valuable assessments drive meaningful decisions. The outputs of assessments should ideally be the enhancing control closure and risk management investments to drive resiliency to your operational environments. Effective analysis of your control gaps against budgets, threats, and team capabilities enables stakeholders to develop multi-year initiatives to improve resiliency to known threats.

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