Panel: Defining the ROI of a Cybersecurity Strategy for the O&G Industry




I recently participated in the “Cyber Threat: Defining the ROI of a Cybersecurity Strategy for the O&G Industry” panel discussion at Digital Oilfields USA. The panel gave the audience insights on dealing with ransomware, employee training, and utilizing technologies to protect critical infrastructure.  

It was a pleasure to collaborate with Mex Martinot (Siemens Energy), Gustavo Sanchez (Pandata Tech, Inc.), and Vivek Ponnada (Nozomi Networks) on this panel.  

A key takeaway from the discussion was the importance of ensuring cybersecurity efforts were appropriate for the operational environment and maturity of the current program. The costs of a cyber-attack that disrupts drilling, refining, or other operations can be enormous for an oil and gas company. With limited budgets and trained personnel, it is critical to prioritize cyber security efforts towards appropriate and effective solutions regardless of the industry buzz behind certain technologies.  

Overall, the perspectives shared during the panel clarified that oil and gas companies must take a proactive but thoughtful approach to cybersecurity to maximize their return on investment and minimize operational risks.  


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Brent Gage

After beginning his career as a roustabout on an offshore drilling rig, Brent is now a cybersecurity specialist at who performs client consultation and assessments while maintaining and monitoring the platform’s hosting infrastructure.

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