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The Broadleaf Group is a skilled IT company that utilizes its IT resources to achieve significant business advantages. The company comprises well-experienced experts with exceptional planning, risk management, and remediation skills.


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Houston, Texas

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Security assessments are a key service offering for Broadleaf.  Traditional spreadsheets used for industry frameworks required manual effort (40+ hours per assessment) to complete, let alone gather the key insights required by their customers to drive critical business outcomes.


Since implementing the SecurityGate Platform, Broadleaf can perform the assessments in a systematic manner where industry frameworks are mapped.  This allows Broadleaf to obtain immediate insights that can provide strategic guidance to its customers. Today, they can complete the assessment in less than 8 hours. 


The saved time allows the Broadleaf Group to focus on providing strategic guidance/recommendations for remediations about the noted risks, missing controls, and overall risk posture. The customer gains key insights and overall cyber risk posture to budget and allocates resources to the appropriate needs across People, Process, and Technology.    

“As a small boutique shop, we are passionate about building great client relationships. With SecurityGate, we can achieve our core beliefs and compete with much larger consulting practices.“

Steeve Kurian | Security Principal

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