Product Update: Assessment Review Feedback Loops, Intelligent Insights Drill Down Capability and more!

Our goal at Security Gate is to automate OT processes and bring more visibility and intelligent insights to the forefront.  With this in mind and with feedback from our customers, we continue to make optimizations to our platform and release new features that exceed these goals.

Our recent release includes the following updates:


Assessment Review Capability

We’ve added the ability for our customers to submit feedback to a respondent after an assessment has been submitted.

OT Cybersecurity | Assessment Review

Once a respondent submits, you can review, add comments and submit back to the respondent for review.

OT Cybersecurity | Assessment Feedback

The responder will receive an email notification with the comments.

OT Cybersecurity | Assessment Review Comments

The responder can go back in, address the comments and resubmit for their further review and submission.

Why this is important:

  • Speeds up the time it takes to complete assessments
  • Ensures feedback is recorded and documented for future use



Drill Down Capability added to SG Control Posture (formerly Cyber Roadmap)

We’ve renamed the Cyber Roadmap to the SG Control Posture to better serve the needs of our customers. As part of the SG Control Posture feature, we’ve added a drill down capability to allow for better visibility.

OT Cybersecurity | Cybersecurity Score

Click on the controls to see what questions they correspond to!

OT Cybersecurity | Data Security


Why this is important:

  • Better understand where to prioritize your efforts and remediations with our Remediation Workflow!



Maturity Rating and Power Score Indicator updates! *

We’ve made the indicators more dynamic, precise and streamlined by combining the Maturity and SG Power Score visuals!

OT Cybersecurity | Maturity Score



Copy Previous Assessment Filters

We’ve added automatic filtering so our ‘copy previous assessment’ option only appears whenever there’s a relevant assessment that entity has completed in the past to pull from!

OT Cybersecurity | Assessment Filters



Customer Support Update

We’re always striving to ensure inquiries from our customers are responded to in a timely manner and with quality. We know that a request to our support takes time to write and submit and so we’ve made an automated reply back with the original details of your request.

Submit a request through Help -> Contact Support


OT Cybersecurity | Technical Support

OT Cybersecurity | Technical Support

Have a product request?

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