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Product Update – A Better Builder, Customized Insights, Portfolio Analysis, and More!

The team has been working in high-gear since the start of the new year, and we’re excited to share details about the latest product release. Along with a more streamlined workflow, we’ve added some key features to help organizations continue to accelerate their maturity including improvements to the Configurable Module Builder, the new Portfolio Analysis, and integration with ServiceNow.

Check out the video below for a look at the new platform features, or continue reading below.


Configurable Module Builder 2.0

Since releasing the Configurable Module Builder, we’ve boosted the capabilities so much that we had to call it a 2.0. Let’s get into the details….

Improved Access to the Configurable Module Builder

First off, you’ll now be able to access the builder from the side menu and enjoy a more organized way to navigate via the new sub-pages. Let’s dig into each of these subpages, as they contain valuable new features that add to your ability to accelerate maturity, and improve posture efficiently.
find the custom module builder in the side bar menu




Import from the Question Library

When creating your custom modules, you can now choose from existing assessment questions and easily add them to your custom module. You can filter through the question library based on assessment, control, or a combination of both!
This makes it easier to slim down assessments, combine frameworks, or keep your organization focused on assessing its most important controls.
filter questions inside the question library



Build Your Module in a Streamlined Workflow

Once you’ve selected all the questions for your custom module, you can then begin customizing the order in which you want the questions to appear. Easily add, edit, or remove questions within the Builder subpage.


easily customize your module in a simple workflow

Custom Attributes

Because frameworks are intended to apply across industries and business types, their generality sometimes doesn’t take into account the complexities of an individual organization. So, we’ve made it easier to define your own version of a control or risk and tie them to questions in your configurable module. Now you can create your own insights with Custom Attributes.


create custom attributes and define controls and risk for your organization


Analysis Portal

This highly requested feature allows you to query your own data and enable your organization to compare entities and identify common missing controls across entities. With the Analysis Portal tool, you can search by assessment type to view scores and questions across any entity so long as they have completed an assessment of that type.


compare assessment results across entities



General Improvements

Below are some improvements we’ve made to improve overall usability and ensure you are able to get the most out of the platform.

We’ve combined standard and configurable assessments into one table for a more organized experience and ease of analysis.



We’ve added the ability to export reports in DOC format so that users can add notes or images before sharing reports.



And lastly, a ServiceNow integration is now available! Contact your account manager for more details.


servicenow integration


Start Working Smarter, Not Harder

With improved workflows and expanded feature capabilities, it’s now easy for teams to customize assessments to meet their own maturity goals, while also ensuring they comply with basic, well-known frameworks. Our team of former auditors provides guidance to customers and we’re happy to discuss what steps you should take to meet your maturity goals. Contact our team to determine whether your organization is ready to take on custom assessments and how the platform can take some burden off of your team.

Ashley Garcia

Ashley is a customer success leader at, with over a decade of experience at technology companies renowned for delivering the highest marks in customer satisfaction.

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