Partners with Octopian on Risk Management, Remediation, and Compliance Standards

The strategic partnership focuses on supporting customers in managing risk while improving their security posture amid evolving cyber threats and Octopian have partnered to support global critical infrastructure organizations in managing cyber security risks. Our strategic partnership is a strong fit with our focus on helping clients secure their environments while improving their security posture. 

Given the complexity of the cyber risk landscape and growing demand of cybersecurity tools for operational technology, this collaboration comes at the right time. Through the partnership, and Octopian offer a holistic approach to steering clients through the complex cyber threat landscape and a unique insight into market trends.  

“At Octopian, our presence is felt across multiple cities in the Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Even with our global reach, we are still speaking our clients’ local language to offer a comprehensive range of practical cyber security solutions and managed security services based on trusted approaches and industry best practices. To that end, the partnership aims to provide a wide range of cyber security solutions with Octopian client base both domestically and internationally,” Nawaf Mubarak, Director of Business Development at Octopian, said.’s SaaS platform provides industrial companies with simplified and accessible tooling to quickly conduct risk assessments. With the partnership, and Octopian support clients through understanding the complex cyber risk landscape and improving their security posture.

“ highly values our regional strategic partnership with Octopian who has a long tenure of providing managed security services throughout the region. Their expertise matches the vision and breadth of our platform, shaping a strong go-to-market strategy for the EMEA region. We look forward to facilitating their success as our partnership evolves with the full weight of the team’s support,” Johnathan Curiel, Sales Director at, said.  


About is a (SaaS) platform that helps organizations prioritize resources and improve cybersecurity by enabling teams to quickly compare insights of their security controls. With’s critical infrastructure expertise, simplified dashboard, and actionable data workflows, asset owners and consultant partners are empowered to collaborate and mature cyber-programs faster and easier than traditional manual methods. clients are unsatisfied with the market status quo and are willing to invest in a meaningful solution that will make an impact across their team and program. works with clients that seek to drive improvement but cannot effectively or efficiently translate the risk to superiors, due to limited resources or they are challenged with how to prioritize their remediations and are seeking a continuous process.    was recently named in Gartner’s Market Guide for Operational Technology for the second year in a row and 13 categories of the 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. 


About Octopian

Octopian Global Services, regional headquartered in Dubai, UAE, with history going back to 25 years and professional, experienced, committed staff, and partners network. Octopian operates across different verticals with specialization in global infrastructure organizations products and services.  

Octopian’s cyber-security arm is a pioneering and leading provider of cybersecurity solutions and dedicated professional consulting services with a comprehensive future-ready cyber security solution. Backed by indigenous capabilities and deep domain expertise in cybersecurity, Octopian cybersecurity present robust cyber-secure products and services in cybersecurity engineering, risk quantification, audit, and compliance.  

Capitalize of a comprehensive and expert practitioner in the field. Octopian cybersecurity advisory team provides expert advice and recommendations to multi-level organizations. Together with clients’ business and technology experts, we design and architect cybersecurity functions and solutions, to ensure clients have the appropriate level of protection to help clients allocate their resources in relation to risks, business opportunities, and across the security lifecycle.  

Octopian cybersecurity provide a multitude of practical Cyber Security Solutions based on trusted technologies and industry best-practices to provide our customers with unmatched flexibility to meet the demands of decision-makers who look to make risk-informed business decisions.  

Taylor Petry

Taylor is Marketing Specialist II at SecurityGate. She was named 2021 Cybersecurity PR Professional of the Year by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

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