and CISA Host Webinar on Chemical Security Programs recently hosted a webinar with Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to share information about two of their chemical security programs: ChemLock and Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS). It was an honor to partner with CISA on this webinar and share some of the services, tools, and courses they offer.  

Thousands of chemical facilities across the country use, manufacture, store, and transport hazardous chemicals every day. Enhancing security across the chemical industry to diminish the risk of dangerous chemicals being weaponized calls for a collaborative effort. Therefore, CISA developed regulatory and voluntary programs and resources to help stakeholders secure chemical facilities from threats such as cyberattacks, biohazards, insider threats, and theft and diversion for use in chemical or explosive weapons.  

Brad Fusilier, Director of Sales for Asset Owners at, moderated the webinar. He was joined by Kimberly Heyne, ChemLock Program Manager, and Zeina Azar, Standardization and Evaluations Section Chief. Kimberly and Zeina gave an overview of the ChemLock and CFATS programs, as well as gave a glimpse into CISA’s Secure Your Chemicals Security Planning Course 


About ChemLock: 

The ChemLock program, launched in November 2021, is a voluntary program that provides facilities that possess dangerous chemicals no-cost services and tools to help them understand the risks they face and improve their chemical security posture in a way that works for their business model. The program is open to facilities regardless of regulatory status.  


About CFATS: 

In 2006, Congress authorized the Department of Homeland Security to establish CFATS to reduce the risk of hazardous chemicals being weaponized. The CFATS program is regulatory and managed by CISA. There are 3,300 high-risk facilities as of July 26th, 2022. Facilities identified as high-risk must implement security measures that meet the 18 risk-based performance standards, which cover both physical and cyber security requirements. 


For more information on CISA’s chemical security programs and upcoming trainings, please visit:  


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