ted and kenny discuss how chevron scaled their cybersecurity program

Chevron Discusses Scaling Cybersecurity With SecurityGate.io.

Some of the biggest challenges that companies with ICS and operational environments face when running assessments and remediations are time, resources, and staff. Whether you’re just getting started, or are in the midst of building out these processes, there are companies who have been there before, made some mistakes, and have learned lessons worth sharing.

During this year’s CS4CA Virtual event, SecurityGate.io CEO Ted Guitierrez had a chance to sit down with Kenny Mesker, ICS Cybersecurity Advisor at Chevron, to take you inside the 7-year makings of Chevron’s cybersecurity program. Our hope is to share the knowledge of the industry’s best and brightest to keep the world’s critical infrastructure secure.


Kenny’s Journey

Kenny Mesker began his career at Chevron in pipeline doing process control support. Having a curiosity for cybersecurity, Kenny fell into the role by taking an increased interest in the way cybersecurity was being done at Chevron and sensing the organization could do better. Eventually, he found increased ownership in the area of cybersecurity and began to make improvements.

At the start, it was very common to have to explain what his role was, even to others within Chevron. Cybersecurity within ICS wasn’t an established idea, and it required a shift in culture and attitude to get ICS cybersecurity on the radar of everyone in the company.

In this interview, Kenny explains his strategy for getting organizational buy-in, what it takes to attain resources, and how to bring digitization to your organization. 

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