While Tech Stocks Tumble, SecurityGate.io Sees 250% YTD Growth – Exceeds 1H Goals  

SecurityGate.io announced today the company exceeded planned revenue target for 1H 2022.  The company has seen 250% YTD growth as rising macroeconomic pressure and increasingly present cyber risks drive urgency for public enterprises conduct repeatable diligence on OT/IT programs within critical infrastructure in both U.S. and international markets. Operational and security managers use SecurityGate.io to […]

The C2M2 2.0 Framework and How to Use It

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To address new threats facing the industry, the new C2M2 v2.0 framework includes updates to clarify guidelines and adds an additional domain – Cybersecurity Architecture. This domain is to help ensure that organizations take appropriate measures to protect networks and data. The C2M2 v2.0 framework can be used across all subsectors, replacing the older versions […]

How to Use a Cybersecurity Maturity Model

Effectively communicating the progress of your cyber security strategy can go a long way in improving the confidence of leaders and team members. However, it’s a challenging metric to measure, especially if no one is really confident in what “progress” actually means. Is it the number of remediations made? Is it enrolling more employees in […]

Stages of a Successful Cybersecurity Program in Critical Infrastructure

Securing our critical infrastructure is more consequential than ever, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Wherever your organization is on it’s journey to improve its cybersecurity posture, it’s important to do a temperature check to gauge whether you are truly on the right track.   In the quickly evolving world of OT/ICS cybersecurity, staying up […]

3 Tips for Updating Your OT/ICS Cybersecurity Strategy in 2022

In the wake of major events like the Kaseya ransomware attack, JBS meat plant hack, and T-Mobile data breach, 2021 was a big year for cybersecurity.  Governments around the world began enacting legislation to defend against cyber attacks. In the US, 35 states enacted bills centered around improving cybersecurity and the president issued an executive order to define how […]

How Rokster Used the SecurityGate.io Platform to Upskill Their Client’s Workforce

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In the middle of 2021, Rokster was approached by a client that needed help with their OT cybersecurity but didn’t know where to start. This company was based in Latin America and had recently grown through mergers and acquisitions, leaving them with a mess of dissimilar systems and processes that they had to manage across […]

Case Study – How Rokster Solved Cybersecurity Challenges for Their Client with SecurityGate.io

Case Study How Rokster Solved Cybersecurity Challenges for Their Client with SecurityGate.io About the company Rokster offers services around four main competencies: cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, business intelligence and blockchain. With a team of experts in each of these areas, Rokster has helped a global cohort of companies protect their assets and grow within their industries. After […]

Cyber is People – How to Improve Your Most Overlooked Area for Risk

people are your most important cybersecurity asset

WHITEPAPER Cyber is People – How to Improve Your Most Overlooked Area for Risk Introduction In a 2016 paper for the International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, a research team led by Leah Zhang-Kennedy noted that “Although computer security technologies are the first line of defense to secure users, their success is dependent on individuals’ behavior.”1 […]