What the New AWS Data Center Means for Critical Infrastructure in the Middle East

Amazon Web Solutions (AWS) finally announced the much-anticipated opening of their data center in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This new data center brings in cloud-based security solutions, like SecurityGate.io, to help the region secure their critical infrastructure. 


AWS Opens in the United Arab Emirates 

After pushing back the original open date this summer, AWS has finally announced that their UAE data center is now available. This comes as exciting news for organizations with critical infrastructure.  

Omar Sikander, SecurityGate.io Sales Director for Oil and Gas, notes, “This is an inspiring step forward which will accelerate the adoption of the latest and greatest technology available to critical infrastructure organizations in the Middle East who have traditionally been relegated to consuming solutions on-prem only.”  

With a new data center, the UAE can take advantage of all the technologies deployed through AWS, such as SecurityGate.io, which is already used by leading companies like Chevron, Patterson UTI, and Modec. 


The State of Critical Infrastructure Security in the Middle East 

Following a rise in threats across the globe, the Middle East has quickly adopted technology solutions to help monitor and secure their OT and IT assets. Tools like network monitoring, surveillance, and access control, have been implemented by companies across the board.  

However, many of these on-premise solutions are not as powerful or sophisticated as solutions available within the cloud. Countries across the Middle East have invested heavily in bringing the cloud to the region to further enhance their cybersecurity programs.  


Simplify Critical Infrastructure Security 

Because the cloud opens the opportunity to update and/or add sophisticated technology solutions, organizations should consider how their cybersecurity teams will manage the influx of new data. Does your team have the time, resources, or talent to translate various points of data into business risks? 

View all your cyber risks from a single pane of glass with SecurityGate.io. Built by former risk managers, the SecurityGate.io platform integrates with top OT/ICS security tools, providing teams with deeper insights into their environment and enables leaders to confidently make an informed decision with everything at their fingertips. 

Eager to understand where your risks are and what to do about them faster? Get a personalized demo by contacting our team here. 

Gabriela Martinez

Gabriela is the Digital Marketing Manager at SecurityGate.io. As an experienced marketer in the technology industry, Gabriela helps connect organizations with solutions to keep their critical infrastructure secure. She was named Cybersecurity Marketer of the Year by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in 2022.

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