Here’s How to Use the SP 1800-32 Framework


As online connectivity has become more ubiquitous in far-reaching places, organizations in the critical infrastructure sectors have begun deploying Internet of Things (IoT) and small-scale distributed energy resources (DER) devices to help provide data and information about a number of industrial control systems (ICS).


What is the SP 1800-32 Framework?

While these devices are able to provide valuable data and communication with grid-edge devices, their very connection to the web makes them vulnerable to bad actors. That is why the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NNCoE), a department of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), has posted a draft of SP 1800-32, Securing the Industrial Internet of Things: Cybersecurity for Distributed Energy Resources.


How to Use SP-1800-32 For Industrial Cybersecurity

Currently, SP 1800-32 includes Volumes A and B as a preliminary draft that provides guidance on monitoring and detecting unexpected behavior of industrial IoT devices. SP 1800-32 also includes guidance on how to create an audit trail of IoT data flows over industrial networks. As of April 2021, the NNCoE is looking for professionals who can help shape the future of the document.

With the recent attacks on our nation’s critical infrastructure, one thing is certain: the SP 1800-32 framework will be vital for mission-critical industries. Because the framework is so new, many organizations may look to cybersecurity consultants to provide guidance on securing their DER and IoT devices. Whether operators choose to rely on a consultant or not, they will need an SP 1800-32 assessment tool to help them better secure these devices and understand where their gaps are.


How Can Help is the #1 risk management platform for helping industrial companies improve cybersecurity faster through our suite of online, cloud-based assessments. Operators can assess their SP 1800-32 compliance in a matter of days instead of weeks, rapidly turning data into visualizations that show next steps and help you meet SP 1800-32 objectives faster.

We also team up with cybersecurity consultants through our partner program, if you’re looking for someone to help you every step of the way to achieve your maturity goals.


Ready to Get Started on Your Next SP 1800-32 Assessment?

If you are looking to for an SP 1800-32 assessment tool for your organization or consulting firm, get in contact with us today to see how can make a difference in your cyber program.

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