Expand your market & grow revenue faster with automation from SecurityGate

About the Program

Consultants, MSPs, MSSPs, & VARs

The SecurityGate partner program provides the resources and assets to help you grow sales faster and build deeper client relationships. 

Utilize automation to grow your consulting firm and strengthen the operational resilience for industrial clients.

OEM Technology Companies

Our strategic alliance program is designed to broaden the capabilities of your product and expand your reach into the market. Collaborate with our team on an API integration, then launch a plan with our marketing team. 

Expand Your Market & Grow Revenue Faster

SecurityGate is a risk management platform for industrial cybersecurity.

Discover cyber risks for your critical infrastructure clients sooner and make improvements faster than manual processes generally allow.

It’s time to replace the slow Governance, Risk management, and Compliance processes with digital actions that enable risk teams to be nimble and agile.

Complete cyber assessments at a fraction of the effort with SaaS workflows and reporting automation.

Dashboard visuals show where operations are at most risk and how critical additional improvement services are.

The ability to repeatedly provide client value fast shows they can hit their objectives sooner with you involved.

Partner Benefits

  • Compensation for referrals and resellers
  • Discounted pricing options
  • Free accounts for testing and sales demos
  • Lead generation from
  • Sales and product content & collateral
  • Promotion of partnership
  • Co-branded marketing campaigns
  • Value prop & product training

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