Maritime Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool

Battling 21st Century Threats on the High Seas

While historically pirates have been considered the primary threat to maritime security, increasingly ships and shipping have become vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. In particular, a number of the systems aboard vessels have been found to lack protection measures to safeguard ships from specific types of cybersecurity attacks.

To help safeguard this critical industry on the open seas, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) released a series of guidelines in their Resolution MSC.428(98) that aim to create a safer environment for shipping companies and to make them more resilient to online attacks. Maritime organizations were originally asked to comply with these standards by the beginning of 2021, but that date has been pushed forward due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.


How to Stay Compliant with IMO and how is BIMCO Different?

Maritime cybersecurity assessments are further complicated because there are a number of organizations that offer guidance and standards that will not only bring shipping organizations into compliance with IMO’s recommendations but also may provide more comprehensive protection. The Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) is one organization that provides further guidance around maritime cybersecurity.

Having a robust cybersecurity program and becoming compliant with these standards is often new territory for companies in this critical industry. Cybersecurity consultants are often hired to help companies ensure that their fleets are compliant with the latest cybersecurity countermeasures. But with so many different frameworks, it can be challenging for consultants and operators alike to stay up to date on the latest standards and compliance requirements.


How Can Help Your Maritime Operation Stay Compliant built a custom maritime cybersecurity assessment tool—this online workflow can help consultants and operators assess and remediate outstanding issues to ensure they have the latest maritime cybersecurity measures in place. is the #1 leading risk management platform for helping industrial companies improve cybersecurity faster. Our team has developed out-of-the-box workflows in our maritime cybersecurity assessment tool to drive consistent assessments that will help achieve IMO 2021 and BIMCO compliance. We help cybersecurity teams get out of spreadsheets and PDFs and into a cloud-based, software-as-a-service solution that serves as a central repository of data. Insights can be derived in real-time, as information is uploaded to our platform.

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If you are looking to improve your risk posture, your client’s cybersecurity program, or perform more consistent and speedy assessments and deliver instantaneous data and insights that drive next step actions, contact us today!

Ted Gutierrez

Ted Gutierrez is Co-Founder and CEO of SecurityGate, A risk assessment, improvement, and documentation platform used by security and risk leaders at the world's largest critical infrastructure organizations and consulting firms to enable deeper alignment across cyber teams and their leadership.

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