Ashley Garcia: Senior Customer Success Lead

With over a decade of experience in customer service in the technology and security industries, Ashley knows that delivering a positive experience to her customers at revolves around one word: communication. And after working for four years with Alert Logic on the “blocking and tackling” side of cybersecurity, Ashley came to understand firsthand the pain that annual assessments and risk remediation brought to her previous clients.

Seeing former clients stress over risk assessments

Known for developing deep relationships with her clients, Ashley could always tell it was assessment time. In particular, she would experience the following challenges in communicating with her clients during this time:

Communication all but ceased. The assessments became a resource hog; interaction with her customers during this time was nearly impossible.
Stress levels went through the roof. When Ashley was able to converse with her clients, the sense of stress was palpable. The specter of the assessment hanging over their heads caused a general malaise and lowered morale.
Day-to-day efforts were placed on the backburner. Assessments seemed to halt every other business activity, some of which were crucial to the organization. The team’s time was completely monopolized by the assessment. would have provided relief, faster insights

Now that she is leading customer service, Ashley marvels at how much her former clients could have benefited from our assessment platform. For starters, with all of the assessment questions and workflows embedded in an online tool, her former clients receive a consistent and visible assessment each year. And because is a software-as-a-service solution, her previous clients could have performed an assessment with a geographically dispersed team, saving on time and travel costs.

The biggest advantage that Ashley sees for her former clients is the gift of time, not just in performing the assessments but also in delivering insights and providing a workflow to help mitigate the risks. Ultimately, she feels that would have completely eliminated the annual dread of the all-consuming assessment and given staff time back to focus on their business.

Ashley is a customer success leader at, with over a decade of experience at technology companies renowned for delivering the highest marks in customer satisfaction.

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