SecurityGate and MG Strategy + Alliance

SecurityGate Expands Position in Security Risk and Compliance Management Market with MG Strategy+ Alliance

HOUSTON, Texas, November 14th, 2018— announced today it has signed an agreement with MG Strategy+ to provide automated cyber risk assessment capabilities through the SaaS platform.

“We look forward to continuing to partner and work with on these types of unique SaaS solutions to address the critical security needs of our clients in the dynamically changing industrial and infrastructure markets,” said Anil Gosine, MG Strategy+ Global Industrial Projects Director.

“We are excited to partner with MG Strategy + and further their capabilities to effectively assess the cyber risk posture of industrial projects,” said Ted Gutierrez, Co-founder and CEO.

The platform empowers organizations to evaluate, manage, and enforce regulatory compliance and client-driven standards across vast ecosystems 10X faster than the traditional manual assessment process. MG Strategy+ will utilize the platform to perform cyber risk and compliance assessments of their clients to increase their ability to evaluate, remediate, and manage compliance.

By automating the security risk assessment process, the platform provides MG Strategy+ clients increased capabilities:

  • Comprehensive Roadmap: Identify cyber risks ranked using intelligent risk scoring, missing controls, and potential impact to effectively manage mitigation efforts.
  • 10X Faster: Benefit from fewer face-to-face interactions while maximizing the depth of analysis using SaaS.
  • Real-time: Communicate with historical data at your fingertips to drive remediation with all assessment responses, historical data, and correspondence stored in a single collaborative repository.
  • Cost Efficient: Reduce expenses while increasing effectiveness by making data-driven decisions based on expert risk insights and comparative benchmarks with business context.

MG Strategy+ now offers all Cyber Risk Assessment modules powered by For more information, please contact your local MG Strategy+ offices.



SecurityGate is a high-growth Houston-based software company disrupting the cyber market by blending industry-specific expertise with digital automation to accelerate cyber risk assessments. The platform empowers global supply chains in any industry to evaluate, manage, and enforce regulatory compliance and client-driven cyber standards at scale. manages the complete workflow of cyber risk management providing a single place to view, compare, manage, and store the history of valuable risk insights on a given company and its vendors. The algorithm translates these self-assessments into unique risk profiles 10X faster than manual processes, providing clients faster, easier risk insights to manage security and compliance to regulatory and/or client-driven cyber standards.

About MG Strategy +

MG Strategy+ is an infrastructure solutions and business development organization that provides professional management of investment projects within the infrastructure sector. Through its global strategic partners, MG Strategy+ provides multidisciplinary engineering, procurement, planning, consulting, management and technology solutions for a broad range of integrated systems and infrastructure solutions, as well as related process and equipment solutions for all major public and private infrastructure sectors.  MG Strategy+ has a specialized focus on Industrial SaaS platforms such as:

  • MGS+ Water Data Analytics Platform Solution
  • MGS+ Security Risk and Compliance Management Platform Solution
  • MGS+ Industrial Security Data Platform Service
  • MGS+ IIoT Data Science Platform Solution
  • MGS+ ICS Cybersecurity Platform Solution

Matt Wilbanks

Wilbanks is responsible for global go-to-market strategy and marketing activities, and as a key member of the leadership team, developing the company's overall strategic vision. Matt brings experience in leadership, sales, and marketing from the technology space to

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