Bill Lawrence: Chief Information Security Officer

Bill Lawrence

Bill Lawrence came to to serve as Chief Information Security Officer with an incredible background. In the announcement of Bill joining our team you can read the details including how he flew jets in the U.S. Navy, taught cybersecurity courses at the U.S. Naval Academy, and most recently, was Vice President and Chief Security […]

Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack – Help With Cyber Assessment And Next Steps

On Friday Colonial Pipeline, a major U.S. fuel pipeline operator, was brought down by a ransomware cyber attack. Details are still coming in as the situation develops. We recognize how difficult this time is for the teams at Colonial Pipeline and all the vendors and suppliers that work with them. Our hearts go out for […]

Brent Gage: Cybersecurity Subject Matter Expert


After starting his career as a roustabout on an offshore drilling rig, Brent went on to a position at Noble Drilling where he helped secure rigs from cyberattacks. Today, as a cybersecurity specialist at, Brent does a little bit of everything, including sales engineering, client consultation, and assessment, along with maintaining and monitoring our […]

Cherise Esparza: Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer


Cherise found her career path early, developing software for publicly traded companies as a teenager. It was no surprise, then, that she found a niche in cybersecurity soon after she graduated from college. Heavily recruited by a number of tech companies, Cherise began work as a “white hat” where she was paid to hack into […]

Ted Gutierrez: Co-Founder and CEO


With a strong background in compliance & risk at one of the world’s largest oil companies, coupled with an entrepreneurial streak in leading and founding businesses to reduce risk in critical infrastructure environments, Ted has a wealth of experience in the risk management space. From his unique vantage point, Ted saw the need for automation […]

Erick Faul: VP of Global Sales

With over 20 years of experience in selling technology solutions, Erick has joined the team to help our customers simplify cybersecurity assessments. Erick was most recently the sales director for a technology company that had origins in providing log data of IT systems to assist operations engineers in diagnosing and remediating hosting infrastructure problems. […]

Gabriel Frontera: Software Engineer and Product Lead

Gabriel embarked on his career in software development after spending 12 years in an advisory services and consulting role specializing in assurance services, internal audit, and third-party risk management for one of the Big Four companies. A graduate of the DigitalCrafts coding boot camp, he has brought his wealth of experience in internal audits, assessments, […]

Mick Vaughan: Cybersecurity Subject Matter Expert

With a technical background as a network security engineer spanning almost 25 years, Mick Vaughan has seen the field of cybersecurity evolve as the internet became mainstream. And in a recent position as an operational cybersecurity network architect for Noble Drilling Services, Mick has seen the lines between OT and IT blur, recognizing the importance […]