SecurityGate Launches Version 3.0 of its Leading SaaS Platform

Major updates include ISA/IEC 62443-3-2, configurable module builder, and single sign-on

SecurityGate, the provider of the leading SaaS platform for critical infrastructure cyber improvement, today announced the release of version 3.0 of its Platform designed to maximize teamwork and alignment across cyber, operational, and leadership teams. Version 3.0 is packed with significant updates including a  ISA/IEC 62443-3-2 workflow, an expansion of the industry’s top configurable module builder, and enhanced security with single sign-on.  

“Version 3.0 of the Platform signifies a turning point in our team’s ability to match market demand, which has transcended beyond simple compliance and maturity assessments for scoring. Our ability to help C Suite leaders goes far beyond new reports and fancy additions of ML or AI. Version 3.0 is more configurable than anything on the market, enabling enterprise-wide adoption across OT, IT, and operational teams without the need for additional developers,”  Ted Gutierrez, CEO of SecurityGate, said.  

Key features of 3.0 include: 

ISA/IEC 62443-3-2

The ISA/IEC 62443 standard set is globally recognized as the most comprehensive approach to secure industrial automation and control systems (IACS) design and implementation. SecurityGate takes this framework and expertly translates it into scalable activities within the Platform, allowing users to effortlessly define their assessment criteria and questions. With this seamless workflow, SecurityGate Platform users can easily navigate the complex implementation of the framework and assess their identified systems, zones, and conduits, threats, consequences, and mitigating controls.

“Being experts in the operational technology field not only differentiates us from competitors, but our deepened alignment and partnership with ISASecure being the first to market with the only complete workflow for 62443-3-2 allows us to better serve our client base and simplify a complex process,” Cherise Esparza, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of SecurityGate, said.

Configurable Module Builder  

The configurable module builder available on the Platform is an incredibly powerful tool that enables users to create custom assessments with ease. A recent overhaul has made it even more reconfigurable, resulting in a truly unique user experience. With a library of over 4,000 questions and the ability to assign custom attributes to each, users have all the resources they need to develop a cyber assessment unique to their needs.

Single Sign-On 

The SecurityGate Platform now boasts an upgraded security feature with the integration of Okta and Azure AD. This new feature adds an extra layer of protection to safeguard the user’s login credentials. The Single Sign-On (SSO) system offers a more seamless login experience and includes multi-factor authentication and bring-your-own-key encryption, making it a highly secure option for users. This integration is a significant step forward in enhancing the security of the platform and protecting against potential threats. 

To learn more about V3 of the Platform, please get in touch with our expert team at [email protected].   


About SecurityGate

SecurityGate is an innovative software company that has built the leading SaaS platform to enable cyber teams to secure the world’s critical infrastructure. With SecurityGate’s critical infrastructure expertise, simplified dashboards, and actionable data workflows, asset owners and consultant partners are empowered to collaborate and mature cyber-programs faster and easier than traditional manual methods.  

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Taylor Petry

Taylor is Marketing Specialist II at SecurityGate. She was named 2021 Cybersecurity PR Professional of the Year by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

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