bring your own key data encryption

Bring Your Own Key Data Encryption

What is it?

Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) is a feature that enables account administrators to protect the data uploaded to the platform using their own encryption key. The account as a whole can be protected under a unique key and each assessed entity within the account has the option of being protected under additional unique keys.


What problem does it solve?

Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms store data in a cloud hosting environment on behalf of the users of the platform. Some users may have a client or regulatory mandates that require more control and security over their data.

BYOK provides a method for users to secure their data in the cloud in a way that satisfies client needs and regulatory standards while maintaining full control over the encryption key(s).


How does it work?

When users upload their data to the platform, it is stored on Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) S3 environment and is automatically encrypted using an S3 server-side encryption key. Users have the option to use server-side encryption keys from their own AWS account, and the platform will use those key(s) to encrypt the data


Want to learn more about how we keep your data secure? Or how about a quick platform demo to learn how we can make your cyber assessments faster and easier? Contact us and watch a short 3 minute video demo here.


bring your own key

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