Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack – Help With Cyber Assessment And Next Steps

On Friday Colonial Pipeline, a major U.S. fuel pipeline operator, was brought down by a ransomware cyber attack. Details are still coming in as the situation develops.

We recognize how difficult this time is for the teams at Colonial Pipeline and all the vendors and suppliers that work with them. Our hearts go out for them – they’ve got some long days and a lot of stress still ahead.

This Colonial Pipeline cyber attack is another example of how fragile and vulnerable the critical infrastructure of our country is. We all need to be moving faster to secure the safety of our industrial workers and protect our economy that’s built on their backs.

But this post isn’t about platitudes – we want to help, and help quickly.

I’m directing my team to offer free usage of our platform for anyone involved in this attack or for those that fear they may be vulnerable. I’m offering this because I know our software helps companies assess their cyber posture and understand what to do next faster than their teams are able to do it manually themselves.

There will be some restrictions on this offer – we’ll work that out with you. What we want to make sure of – right now – is that you have the help you need to move as fast as possible.

-Ted, CEO

Ted Gutierrez

Ted Gutierrez is Co-Founder and CEO of SecurityGate, A risk assessment, improvement, and documentation platform used by security and risk leaders at the world's largest critical infrastructure organizations and consulting firms to enable deeper alignment across cyber teams and their leadership.

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