cherise and kenny discuss how chevron uses

Chevron Discusses Their Digital Transformation Using

We were so fortunate to have Kenny Mesker, ICS Cybersecurity Advisor, from our customer Chevron in our office this week. He sat down with our Chief Product Officer, Cherise Esparza, to discuss Chevron’s journey with digital transformation and how they were able to seamlessly transition operations through the pandemic.

During his time at Chevron, Kenny has been a key player in developing the maturity of Chevron’s cybersecurity program. Over the past five years, Kenny focused on taking iterative steps to get the organization to a point where they could confidently introduce automation to the assessment process.

An inside look at a global operator

One of the biggest challenges of running a cybersecurity program at a company like Chevron is the sheer size of the organization. With facilities around the globe, it takes an enormous effort to standardize processes, get buy-in from all key players, and to manage the costs associated with travel (not to mention language barriers and diplomatic red tape that can slow down any progress being made.)
So, how did Chevron’s team manage to bring efficiency to this process? “Internally, our motto is ‘to succeed in any environment’ and digital transformation is very much a part of that,” Kenny answered. It was an effort that took years and it began with going back to the basics. Chevron needed to understand their processes at a fundamental level before they could move on to the next milestone of automating processes.

How they transformed their program

Within a five year span, the team conducted assessments across the entire corporate fleet, twice. Not only did this exercise help the company do some introspecting, but it also revealed that these assessments were having a great impact on their customers, and in Kenny’s opinion, it was simply too much. This finding drove even more urgency around introducing automation. “If I can minimize the amount of work that I usually do,” said Kenny, “I can go and use that time to work on more important things. That is one of the huge wins that we found with it []”
The program today is much different from what it was when Kenny started, and little did Kenny know that his efforts to reduce manual input with the help of technology would allow Chevron to maintain operations without pause through the pandemic. “It wasn’t something we could’ve ever planned for, but increasing the ability to do things in the cloud, remotely, we were in a fairly good position to smoothly transition.”

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