we've just launched our api

We’ve Just Launched the SecurityGate.io API!  

We’re excited to announce the release of the SecurityGate.io platform API! The API is designed to make the integration of your cyber risk data across your enterprise systems easy.  

Now, SecurityGate.io users will be able to use their data from the platform in all kinds of exciting ways.


Here’s What You Can Expect 

As more industrial technology moves online, it’s now more critical than ever to pass information across teams, such as the OT and IT departments. Many customers have asked for the ability to integrate information with ticketing systems, like ServiceNow, and for the ability to customize reports even further. 

With the API, you now have the flexibility to provide cross-department updates on remediationsaggregate data for executives to quickly understand the impact of your cybersecurity program, or even tie your data directly to financial outcomes. These are just a few examples of how you can utilize the first version of our API release, but there are certainly other use cases. 

The SecurityGate.io API currently allows you to query your data over HTTP and ingest it in JSON format via the use of a set of RESTful API endpoints. Make single requests or combine them into a series of requests to provide a high-level or detailed view of your remediations and/or assessments data as it relates to an entity in your organization. 

Get Started with the SecurityGate.io API 

In short, we’ve greatly expanded what you can do with your data  The possibilities are truly endless. Current users can request access to the SecurityGate.io API within the platform. Happy coding! 

Take a Test Drive.

Find out if the SecurityGate.io platform and API is right for your team by signing up for a demo account.

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