July Product Announcement

What’s New?

The SecurityGate.io team brings you updates on what’s new from our roadmap and your feedback!


Major Updates

Assessments – Copy answers from previous assessments

Tired of starting over each time you do a follow-up assessment? Schedule a new assessment with answers copied from previously completed assessment at the same entity!



Remediations* – Add clarifying text to remediation requests

Need to send a remediation back to the owner for more clarification or justification? Add additional notes to clarify remediation requests!



Wellness Screenings – Periodical Report

Looking for high-level insights on your employee’s screening process over the week? Select a custom period and create a report to track Employee health!

The report includes information on the wellness screenings of employees over a custom period including completion rates, frequently flagged questions, and response breakdowns.



Wellness Screenings – Add comments to completed assessments

Checking in your employees’ health post-screening? Want to document some notes based on those check-ins? Add comments to an individual’s screening from the dashboard view!



General Improvements

Report Updates: Wellness Screenings, Baseline, Full-Audit, and Executive

We’ve added changes to better reflect variance in risk over time to the Full-Audit and Executive Reports!



We’ve added additional details on Remediation progress and status!



Entity Drilldown – Automatic Updates and Risk Over Time Modifications!

Insights are updated when assessments are deleted and Risk Over Time now includes remediation activities!



Remediations* – Un-assign remediations before approval

Dealing with personnel changes or need to redistribute remediations as workloads change? You can now un-assign a remediation!



Main Dashboard Improvements:  Maturity Score, Top Threats Drilldown, Refresh capability

We’ve added:

  • An update to the Maturity score visualization for a sleek new look!
  • Top Threats drilldown on click!
  • Automatic refreshing once assessments are completed or removed!



Click through for additional details on assessments with your Top Threats!




We hope to give you all periodic updates on key changes so that you’re able to make full use of our platform.

It’s worth noting that some of these features vary depending on your subscription plan and user role within our system. Accordingly, subscription-based items will be flagged with an asterisk (*).  If an item is not included in your package, feel free to reach out to your customer service representative with any additional questions on pricing and upgrading your subscription!


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