Who Should You Gain Alignment With To Get A New Cybersecurity Initiative Approved – A Guide To Help

This is the fourth post in a five-post series that introduces a set of free tools to help risk management leaders gain internal alignment for a new cybersecurity initiative. The tools are designed to help make getting buy-in easier and faster.

For a quick introduction to the full suite of tools, check out this post. You’ll get an overview of each tool and why they exist.


Without alignment, your new cyber initiative will not pass go. It will not collect $200. It doesn’t matter how good your idea is or how passionately you believe it will help. If you don’t gain buy-in from the right stakeholders your idea won’t happen.

In the last posts, we covered the Stakeholder Benefits Guide and the Change Management Worksheet. After you’ve completed the steps in these two tools it’s time to fill out the Alignment Checklist. This is a simple step. No big thinking exercises here. 😉

Go back through your answers in the first two tools. Using the Alignment Checklist, add each person and team you identified if they are critical to the success of your initiative. After completing the final steps in Roll-Out Process tool, come back to your Alignment Checklist and start scheduling meetings with these people. Use this checklist to keep yourself up to date on the status of whether you have received their support or not, and add any relevant notes you need to remember.

As in the other tools, we used our customer’s typical process of gaining alignment for the SecurityGate.io platform as an example. Simply follow the instructions in the tool and fill in the blanks.



Matt Wilbanks

Wilbanks is responsible for global go-to-market strategy and marketing activities, and as a key member of the leadership team, developing the company's overall strategic vision. Matt brings experience in leadership, sales, and marketing from the technology space to SecurityGate.io.

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