Running Cybersecurity Assessments May Increase The Risk Of A Breach


With the increasing frequency of cyber attacks in industrial sectors, all critical infrastructure organizations should be conducting cybersecurity assessments right now. But there’s a common part of the assessment process that is nearly always overlooked and adds tremendous risk to the organization: using email to communicate assessment tasks and collect responses on risks.   Here’s […] Announces Integration with Nozomi Networks integration with nozomi networks

HOUSTON, TX– JUNE 15, 2021 –, the #1 risk management SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform for industrial cybersecurity, today announced an integration with Nozomi Networks, the industry leader in OT and IoT security and visibility. The partnership between the two companies enables critical infrastructure organizations to: (1) quickly perform a cybersecurity assessment of their facilities prior to […]

Module Builder Enhancements and Features for Consultants

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June Product Updates This month’s release includes some exciting new updates to the Module Builder, which gives cybersecurity teams the flexibility to create their own custom assessment frameworks. Other features have been included that make it easy for consultants to onboard and manage clients within one secure platform. Custom Module Builder Improvements […]

Two-Factor Authentication

What is Two-Factor Authentication? Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security process in which a user provides two different authentication factors to verify themselves when logging in to a system. Authentication factors could be a knowledge factor (something the user knows, such as a PIN, or secret); a possession factor (ID, token, app); inherence factor (biometrics); […]

Bring Your Own Key Data Encryption

bring your own key data encryption

What is it? Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) is a feature that enables account administrators to protect the data uploaded to the platform using their own encryption key. The account as a whole can be protected under a unique key and each assessed entity within the account has the option of being protected under […] Platform – Entities Page

In this series of posts from our CEO and co-founder, Ted Gutierrez, he talks about our platform’s Entities Page. Why it exists, what our customers use it for, and how it helps them make risk management improvements faster. Enjoy.   When I was a risk manager working for oil and gas operators, my consistent challenge […]